What is the Minimum Investment to Start An Import Export Business?

minimum investment for import export business

There is a question of many people that I do not have money, how will I export, the investment will seem very much if I want to export. My only request to them is export thinking and not money. If you start then you will get success.

If you have no money don’t worry, You can start working as a consultant, And if you have money then there is no limit for investing.
For those who have the background, it is not a task from the sea. Nowadays people have a lot of money but they don’t know where to invest
. But, make sure some money require for minimum investment for import export business

Government has launched many schemes for the import-export trade

  • Market Development Assistant Scheme
  • Export Oriented Unit (EOU) Scheme
  • Market Access Initiative(MAI) Scheme
  • Service Export From India Scheme

Here, we provide you all types of costs.

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How To Get Export Incentive From Government?

Training costs For Import Export

If you are thinking of starting import export then you must have accurate knowledge about it. If you do an export-import business, then it is not a business to do step by step, for that you have to take a step and see the side with it.

how to start import export business


And this requires training
If you want to train and you know Hindi

learn import export business
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Some General Questions

Q. If Exporter pays all Fright or Insurance expense then it would be a loss for exporter?

Q. How to recognize that Exporter has shipped the goods properly?

Q. What work does CHA do for Exporter?

Q. What are Customs??? Who prepares customs tariffs???

What Is Bill Of Lading(BL) In Import Export Business?

How To Get Export Incentive From Government?

Cost for firm registration for Import Export Business

According to the rules of our India, the Proprietor Company Private Limited Company Partnership Company LLP Company and OPC are in our Judgment Now, if you are new, then the proprietorship firm will be good for new startups.

Private Limited costs a little (around 20k-25k) more and has to follow a little more rules.
If you can afford it, you can go for private limited, PVT LTD has some more advantages from the government.

What Is Bill Of Lading(BL) In Import Export Business?

Initial Registration For Import Export Business

NOTE:- If you follow our advice, it would be better to register with CA(charter accountant).

  • Business Formation

Now you have to make sure which company do you do the registration form?

  • Current Account

Open a current account on your nearest bank, Banks that do business abroad.

  • GST Registration 

If you do registration with a charted accountant, then he will pay you for 500 rupees or 1000 rupees. If you want to register yourself, then you can apply by going to the official website of GST.

  • IEC Code –500 rs
  • RCMC (Registration cum Membership Certi) — Apeda 5900 rs
  • FIEO click here

The annual (April-March) membership subscription under different categories is as under:

1Individual ExporterRs. 6,250/-
2Multi-Products GroupRs. 6,250/-
3Multi-Product Group (Premier)*Rs 7,000/-
4Service ProvidersRs. 6,250/-
5FTZ units/EOUsRs. 9,375/-
6One Star Export HouseRs. 9,375/-
7Two Star Export HouseRs.12,500/-
8Three Star Export HouseRs.25,000/-
9Four Star Export HouseRs.50,000/-
10Five Star Export HouseRs.93,750/-
11 State Export OrganizationRs. 6,250/-

The above fees is exclusive of 18% GST

  • Phyto Reg for Foods –100rs

For extending the period of validity a fee of Rs. 100/- for consumption materials and Rs. 200/- for propagative plant materials. For import of soil, earth, clay and similar material any microbiological, soil mechanics, or mineralogical investigations and peat for horticultural purposes.

  • Port Reg
  • LUT (latter of undertaking)
  • More(It is good if you work with CA)


Make sure you have at least 25k to 30k rs minimum investment for import export business

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