Export-Import Bank – (EXIM-Bank India) [Updated]

Exim Bank of India
Exim Bank of India

In the era of globalization, an Indian institution helps in reducing the barriers to trade and is turning possibilities into opportunities.

Full Form of Exim bank is Export Import Bank

Why was EXIM Bank established?

The story of the bank is very interesting, it started to meet the loan requirements of emerging markets, But gradually the bank came to know about the problems of globalization and wrote a new building of credit facilities and services for companies.

Exim Bank of India was set up in 1981 under an act of parliament

It is wholly owned by the Government of India and is under the management of the Board of Directors, in which the Government is representative of RBI Business Banks, Business and Businessmen Is included.

Ever since it came into existence in 1981, Exim Bank has been the task of easing and moving exports from India. Today 10 cities of India and its offices outside India have also traveled a long way. And Exim Bank’s strong presence on the global board.

Exim Bank has dreamed of a progressive economy, and realizing it today is a major partner and catalyst in the business.

Exim Bank stands with them in an effort to globalize every star, serving Indian companies

Exim Bank’s services stand on three main pillars

  1. Financier
  2. Facilitator
  3. Promoter
Three pillars Of services
Three pillars Of services

During his journey of three decades, the bank has developed products and services on a large scale for the Indian business community. There are three big programs in the bank at the same time.

Bank’s Major Programs

  1. Export Credit
  2. Term Loan To Export Oriented Units
  3. Value-Added Services

There are many facilities under these three programs which cater to every kind of needs of exporters.

Exim bank india [exim bank]
Exim Bank Program
Exim Bank program
Exim Bank program

Credit Risks

credit risk by exim bank
Credit risk

The biggest challenge facing exporters today is credit risk. Exim Bank, through its unique program Lines of Credit, fulfills this risk. The bank is a safe and risk-free alternative to finance for Indian exporters and safe entry into new markets. There is also a good medium for, as well as Exim Bank also gives more time to repay the loan.

Project Export

project Export
project Export

Bank’s second product is Project Export ie Project Export, in which Exim Bank gives a separate facility for support. In the last few years, the trends in the Indian export project exports to foreign markets have been huge, as well as their technical skills have been appreciated. Project exports have proved to be great for Indian companies in terms of starting a business abroad.

Exim Bank’s Funded & Non-Funded Facilities

Exim Bank's Facilities
Exim Bank’s Facilities

Overseas Turnkey Projects

Overseas Turnkey Projects
Overseas Turnkey Projects

turnkey project refers to a project when clients pay contractors to design and construct new facilities and train personnel. A turnkey project is a way for a foreign company to export its process and technology to other countries by building a plant in that country.

Civil Construction Contract

Civil Construction Contract
Civil Construction Contract

construction contract contains general and special conditions of agreement, details of construction project work, their specifications, time limits, payments and penalties for delivery delays, etc. and ensures every party’s rights and obligations.

Technical And Consultancy Civil Contracts

Professionals, who provide technical support, perform trouble-shooting functions, and resolve customer issues are known as Technical Consultants. Consults become highly knowledgeable about the company’s products or applications so that they can assist users, employees, and clients with any issues they may have.

Buyer’s Credit (NEIA)

(NEIA) Buyer's Credit
Buyer’s Credit

In order to grow and encourage project exports, Exim Bank has launched under the National Export Insurance Account (NEIA) of Buyer’s Credit India Government.

Let’s See How it is work (NEIA)

After the approval of the project, the process starts with a loan offer from the Indian exporter and ends with the signing of a commercial agreement. Implementation of agreement comes after loan payment, as a result, all the worries of the exporter are over.

When it comes to loans for investment abroad, then Exim Bank does not only work as a lending institution, but it also advises you, money is not everything, it is important to know the right use of the bank to foreign markets. It helps you in acquiring companies, making joint ventures, buying brands, and many other tasks.

Not only this, but the bank also gives loans on a selective basis for up to 70% equity investment in foreign joint ventures.

Exim Bank believes not only in economic growth but also in economic empowerment, that is why the bank works on the principle of economic expansion. This feature makes it far-sighted.

Exim Bank, on one hand, supports the development of MSMEs of micro, small, and medium industries. On the other hand, in this area, it also stands as the reed of big industries.

All About Import Export Code (IEC Code)

Let’s see what Exim Bank does?

Turning dreams into reality, creating more employment opportunities, opening up global markets to more and more areas.

Bank services in the MSME sector are ahead of direct products.

 Exim Bank also provides commercial banks with many facilities like refinance in foreign currency. Bank has also created a special fund for capital expenditure of Indian exports.

Increasing export capacity of Grass Suit Business

grass suit business
grass suit business

Exim Bank, through its Grass Suit Business initiative, helps local communities by developing export capacity in their Grass Suit industries, through this Exim Bank increases the purchasing power of the lowest strata of society, benefiting other sectors of the economy. And by reducing poverty through exports, it works for the upliftment of staged communities.

Film promotion funding

Film promotion By Exim bank
Film promotion By Exim bank

Exim Bank also finances for film production, the bank financed many popular films.

Nigerian Exim Bank has taken help from Exim Bank of India to finance its film industry knowledge.

Nollywood is the third largest film industry after Bollywood And Hollywood

Some Promoted Movies

  • Chakde India
Chakde India By Exim bank
Chakde India
  • Dhoom
  • Veer-Zaara
Veer-Zaara Promoting by exim bank
  • Ghajini

Product To Facilitator By Exim Bank


Let us now turn to the services that Exim Bank provides on behalf of the facilitator facilitating the business.

Exim Bank, through its marketing advisory services, helps Indian companies find overseas buyers, distributors, and partners. And thus once again act as a catalyst for foreign trade.

Exim Bank acts as a guarantor to raise capital.

Facilitator To Promoter By Exim Bank

Apart from being a subsidiary, Exim Bank also plays a promoter.

When it comes to consultancy, Exim Bank is named after an important financial institution. What is the need for a new industrial economy, Exim Bank can tell based on the experiences of developed and developing countries.

On the basis of a consulting organization, Exim Bank, World Bank, ACN Development Bank, African Development Bank along with Registered He. The bank has been collaborating with a number of institutions in developing countries, such as studying the feasibility of a project funded from the Soft Wealth Secretariat, a practical study of the project for grant of export credit and guarantees to members of the Gulf Corporation Council.

Establishment of Exim Bank in Malaysia, setting up of Export Credit Guarantee Company in Zimbabwe, and undertaking export financing programs in Turkey and South Africa

What does the Exim bank of India do?

Exim Bank’s mission is to globalize Indian exports, Exim Bank works closely with you to make your product and your company global. So that India also progresses with you.

Contact of Exim bank India

WEBSITE:~ www.eximbankindia.com

Call Number:~ 022 22 17 42 00

Exim Bank Related Questions & Answers

Is Exim Bank a government bank?

Export-Import Bank of India (EXIM Bank) is a specialized financial institution, wholly owned by the Government of India, set up in 1982, for financing, facilitating, and promoting foreign trade of India.

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Is Exim bank a scheduled bank?

Export-Import Bank of India is a financial institution in India, established in 1982 under the Export-Import Bank of India Act 1981. Since its inception, the Exim Bank of India has been both a catalyst and a key player in the promotion of cross border trade and investment.

What is the purpose of Exim Bank?

EXIM’s aim is to promote U.S. goods and services at no cost to U.S. taxpayers, protecting “made in America” products against foreign competition in overseas markets and encouraging the creation of American jobs. Its current chairman and president, Kimberly A. … Roosevelt under the name Export-Import Bank of Washington.

What are the services offered by Exim Bank of India?

Exim Bank’s export financing facilities include post-shipment deferred credit, bridge financing in foreign currency for project exports, term loans for units in Free-Trade Zones, and 100 percent Export-Oriented Units, rupee loans for- working capital, issue of guarantees.

Who is the CEO of Exim Bank?


When and why was Exim bank established?

Exim bank is the premier export finance institution of the country. It commenced operations in 1982 under the ExportImport Bank of India Act 1981.
The institution was established to enhance export, foreign trade, and enhance economic growth by export credit.

 Exim Bank has evolved into an institution that plays a major role in partnering Indian industries, particularly the Small and Medium Enterprises by providing the assistance in the import of technology and export marketing, pre-shipment and post-shipment and overseas investment.

How EXIM bank is better than other public sector banks?

As a public sector bank, it has different performance factors than other public sector banks. You need to think about whether those KPIs are more restrictive than others and therefore more easily achieved. If you look at Coface or Hermes their support for country exports is far greater than Exim.

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